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Yawat Bhuleshwar Temple

18 Jul 2015 By  Shrirang Joshi

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The Shiv temple at Yawat Bhuleshwar (यवत भुलेश्वर)


Bhuleshwar temple was built in 1230 AD and shows clear signs of Yadav architecture. It is said that Murar Jagadev (the deputy of Adilshah) found the location of this temple useful for military surveillance. He decided to build a fort called 'Mangalgadh' around this temple.  This temple has a peculiar construction where the main entrance to the temple passes through the plinth of the. Unlike any other Shiv temple this temple has the Nandee is inside the temple right in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Mythology has It that Parvati danced for Shiva in this temple and from here they went to Kailash and got married.

Country : India
State : Maharashtra
City : Pune
Language : English
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