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Sahasraling Talav

04 Jan 2014 By  Shrirang Joshi

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Sahasraling Talav (as described by Archeological Survey of India)

To the great Jayasimha Siddharaja (1094-1144 AD) are ascribed the construction of vaious artificial lakes in Gujarat. One of the largest and grandest in size is Sahasralinga Tank ( सहस्रलिंग तलाव ). It must have a reseroir of immense size and derived its name from the numerous little temples containing lingas placed on the banks which were dismantled during the late medieval period, when a large octagonal Rauza was raised on a part of its ruins. The great embankment surrounding it, is of solid brick work and was faced with stone masonary forming flight of step to the water edge.

Near the middle of the eastern embankment, are the remains of the old Siva Temple, comprising of the basements of the pavilions together with a colonnade of forty eight pillars. It was in good condition till the 16th century AD. Bairam Khan, Akbar's tutor while passing through Patan, on his way to Mecca, was said to have been murdered after he returned from boating in this tank.

Towards the western end, there is a Rudra Kupa in which water form the river Saraswati (सरस्वती) was collected and then allowed to pass into the inlet channel of the Sahasraling Tank. This cistern is about 40m in diameter.

Country : India
State : Gujarat
City : Patan
Language : English
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